News: Distribution for “Jig” and “Ride, Rise, Roar”

Competition-based documentaries are pretty common right now, with recent theatrical releases including “Make Believe” (teen magic championship) and “Louder Than a Bomb” (teen poetry slam championship). The next one for your radar is Sue Bourne’s “Jig,” a doc about the Irish Dancing World Championships that will hit screens in NYC, Boston, Toronto and Chicago on June 17th. Now officially announced as the doc’s distributor is Screen Media Films, a good fit since they also just handled the release of “White Irish Drinkers.” They must have a thing for the Emerald Isle. Anyway, I’m seeing “Jig” soon and should have a review up ahead of its opening. So stay tuned.

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News: Julian Temple Directing Multiple City-Based Concert FIlms

Continuing the current filmic fascination with Rio de Janeiro (“Rio,” “Fast Five,” “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1″), Julian Temple is heading to the City of God for a concert film titled “Children of the Revolution,” documenting the annual Rock in Rio event, according to indieWIRE. The filmmaker has a lot of experience in the genre (like “Glastonbury”), as well as a long career directing music videos and other music-based docs (a favorite being “The Filth and the Fury”). He even previously made a music-based film set in Brazil starring Mick Jagger (“Running Out of Luck”) and also filmed part of the classic Sex Pistols doc “The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle” in Rio more than 30 years ago. He says since then:

I’ve always wanted to make a film about the city and now as it finally prepares to take its rightful place on the world stage that time has finally come … Brazil’s extraordinary journey from third world dictatorship to Olympic host country demands to be told.  Visually Rio is a film maker’s gold mine and through its music and the people who make it, both the soul of the city and its unique destiny finds its ultimate expression.

The Rock in Rio documentary will kick off a series of similar concert films Temple will make in other cities, including London (titled “This is London” – not to be confused his 2008 doc “There’ll Always Be an England”), Tijuana (“Tijuanalandia”), Havana and Berlin.

In lieu of a Rio clip from “Swindle,” watch a Brazilian TV preview for “Running Out of Luck” after the jump. It’s not important if you don’t know Portuguese.

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Nick Broomfield Interviewing El Duce About Kurt Cobain’s Death

I won’t start on the whole discussion of whether or not Kurt Cobain was murdered and whether or not Courtney Love had anything to do with it. It’s been 17 years, to the day, of the Nirvana front man’s death and it’s as moot a point as ever. That doesn’t mean that I won’t continue to love Nick Broomfield‘s documentary “Kurt and Courtney” for scenes like the one I share today. El Duce, who claims to have been offered money by Love to “whack” Cobain, is as addressed hard to rely on as a witness. But as a character, he is awesome. Truth schmuth, to me it’s all about personality, and while we don’t get enough of Broomfield’s typically fascinating first-person protagonist here, it’s more than made up with the interview subject on hand. In terms of Broomfield characters, he’s up there with Aileen Wuornos and Violetta Wallace as favorites.

<br />

As for the reality of Cobain’s death, all I can say is that it’s a shame he’s not still around and I hope he’s resting in peace.


Listen to a Track from the SXSW-Winning Score for “The City Dark”

One of my favorite documentaries out of SXSW this year is Ian Cheney’s “The City Dark,” a film that explores the fading night sky, which we take for granted, and the problems with artificial light polluting our lives and planet (residents near an Upper West Side Duane Reade store in NYC know this well lately). The doc took home a prize for best documentary score, which is by Brooklyn’s The Fishermen Three (collaborating with producer Ben Fries), and now you can sample one of the great tracks from that score (here or here). Titled “Western Space Dance,” it’s kind of like if AIR did something with a plucky western score-style guitar. Strangely enough, a twangy song by All India Radio just came up on my Pandora mix, which is also quite comparable.

I mentioned the score in my review for Cinematical:

Compared to ‘King Corn,’ ‘The City Dark’ is a less informative and seemingly less crucial doc, but on an aesthetic level I enjoyed it a lot more. It has a kind of abstract and new age-y tone, rendered by the jangly ambient techno score by The Fishermen Three and Cheney’s quiet, contemplative voice-over narration.

Check out the trailer for the doc, which also features some of the music, after the jump.

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Trailer: “The Other F Word”

This is a trailer for the SXSW doc The Other F Word, directed by Oscar nominee Andrea Blaugrund Nevins (producer of the 1997 short Still Kicking: The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies). Featuring punk rock papas — the other f word is apparently father — from the Vandals, Bad Religion and Rise Against.

[via Pop Candy]


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