“Exit” Wins Eddie, Forecasts Oscar Success

Following their win at the Cinema Eye Honors last month, Exit Through the Gift Shop editors Tom Fulford and Chris King picked up the Eddie for best editing of a documentary last night. As I’ve always said, it’s really the editing that makes a great doc, and while I don’t love Exit (I like it) I can assume why it is as good as it is has a lot to do with Fulford and King shaping the story out of Thierry’s initial pile of tapes (surely a thankless assistant deserves recognition for logging all that material) and Bansky’s amateur direction (amateur as in first time, not weak). So kudos to them!

Now it seems more likely Exit will get the Oscar for Best Documentary (Feature). Of the last five Academy Award winners in the category, only one did not first win an Eddie — Taxi to the Darkside had not received a nomination from ACE, so Sicko won the Eddie in 2008. The stats going further back, however, show only 6 out of the last ten Oscar winners pregaming with an Eddie win.

I still expect Exit to lose, and not just because its title kind of sounds like Taxi’s. But I also still want it to win, and not just because it is edited well. See my Oscar prediction at Cinematical for more about that.


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