Documentary Channel Presents Oscar Marathon This Weekend

Since Turner Classic Movies’ 31 Days of Oscar is pretty lacking in the documentary department, The Documentary Channel comes to our rescue this weekend. Or yours. Unfortunately, I don’t get the network (Cablevision be damned). I wish, even if it would mean I got nothing else done the next few days besides catching up on old docs. The channel’s marathon of Oscar-nominated shorts and features starts tomorrow at 4pm with the 2004 short “Hardwood” and continues through Monday, ending with the 1978 short “Gravity is My Enemy.”

Here’s the trailer/ad:

A series like this would help in a project I’ve desired to attempt: watching all of the Oscar-nominated doc shorts and features. I’m sure a majority of them are not easily found, if even possible. The span of DOC’s series is from John Ford’s “Battle of Midway” and Frank Capra’s “Prelude to War,” both winners from 1943, to Sean and Andrea Fine’s “War Dance,” which was nominated three years ago.

I’ve actually only seen a few, including those WWII films and “Born Into Brothels,” which I’ll always recommend you skip. If I had the channel, I’d most want to finally check out 1977 feature nominee “High Grass Circus,” the 1968 verite classic “A Time for Burning” and 1993 feature nominee “Waco: The Rules of Engagement.”

I would include 1966 nominee “Helicopter Canada,” but I discovered I can watch it online, courtesy of the National Film Board of Canada.



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