Trailer: “Battle for Jerusalem”

This isn’t a trailer for a finished film, and it’s nearly 10 minutes long. Director Liz Nord (“Jericho’s Echo: Punk Rock in the Holy Land”) is working on finishing “Battle for Jerusalem” and is sharing this footage in order to solicit funding. Here is the doc’s synopsis:

“Battle For Jerusalem” follows five young, Jewish artists and activists who strive to revitalize Israel’s capital in the midst of an escalating conflict for control of the city between the growing ultra-Orthodox and the majority moderate communities. Against many odds, these committed citizens are working to keep the city vibrant and religiously tolerant, resulting in a burgeoning cultural renaissance.

The film has already been successful at crowdsourcing financing through IndieGoGo, but continued, needed donations can be made at the “Battle for Jerusalem” website here. Watch the ‘background trailer’ below.

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