Distribution: “The Other F Word” Bought by Oscilloscope and Showtime

The punk-rock dad doc “The Other F Word” has been picked up by Oscilloscope Laboratories for a fall theatrical release, according to indieWIRE. Showtime also made a deal to air the film in 2012. Directed by Oscar nominee Andrea Blaugrund Nevins, the doc features members of the bands Pennywise, Blink 182, Rise Against, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, NOFX, Black Flag, The Adolescents, Rancid, Devo, Everclear, Bad Religion, The Vandals and others, as well as Tony Hawk, all “ultimate anti-authoritarians [who have] become society’s ultimate authorities – dads.”

Ahead of its SXSW premiere I shared the trailer, which makes it look less mushy than it sounds, though still fairly conventional for a film about punks. Here’s what Oscilloscope head (and Beastie Boy) Adam Yauch said about it:

“When I first heard about this film about musician fathers, I thought, ‘Oh no, not another film that everyone thinks I’m going to like…’ But I was actually very moved by it, pleasantly surprised, and glad I didn’t go with my first instinct. It’s a beautiful and touching film.”

The film’s website has a bunch of clips, including one featuring an old acquaintance I haven’t seen in a long, long time: Bouncing Souls drummer Mike McDermott (formerly of Skinnerbox). I found another clip featuring RHCP’s Flea, which you can watch after the jump.


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