Watch “Macho Man” Randy Savage in “The Unreal Story of Pro Wrestling”

I was never a big pro wrestling fan, outside of the cartoons and toys in the 1980s, but I do enjoy a Slim Jim now and then. And anyway “Macho Man” Randy Savage is enough of a pop culture personality that all Americans are surely saddened to hear of his death from a heart attack-induced car accident today. Movie fans know him additionally for playing himself in “Ready to Rumble” and as wrestler Boneshaw McGraw in “Spider-Man,” as well for providing the voice of an agent named Thug in Disney’s “Bolt.”

He also makes a very brief appearance in Chris Mortensen’s 1999 A&E documentary “The Unreal Story of Pro Wrestling.” It’s not a bad film, actually. Narrating the doc, Steve Allen sounds a LOT like David Ogden Stiers, giving it a sort of Ric Burns’ “New York” feel. And if you’re not too knowledgeable about the sport/entertainment, it seems a decent primer.

As for Savage, I believe outside of archive material from the ring his only contribution to the film is a tiny interview segment where he talks about the importance of staying in shape and how working out everyday is a way of life for him. You can see this part in the video after the jump, just fast forward to 5:48.

R.I.P. Randy Savage, 1951-2011.


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