Now on Video: “The End of Poverty?”

My full response to Philippe Diaz’s “The End of Poverty?” can be found in a Doc Talk column on economy-related films from last summer. With the Martin Sheen-narrated doc being released to Blu-ray today (I apparently missed its DVD/VOD drop last month), here’s an excerpt from that post:

Five hundred years seems a lot of time to reverse, but the film is produced in part by the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, which advocates economic justice and promotes the social reform ideas of 19th century thinker Henry George, and therefore there is some of that non-profit hopefulness driving the narrative. The solutions aren’t offered, though, until very close to the end of the documentary, and then they are pretty simplistic and unlikely. I feel like if you showed The End of Poverty? to the suffering peoples of the world, they might just prefer to start a violent uprising. I mean, how else are we to convince the rich and powerful after all these years that what they’re doing and how they’ve been living is unfair? They’d no sooner simply go see a Michael Moore film.

Click on the link above to read the rest. Watch the film in full (with ads) on YouTube after the jump.

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I am a blogger for Documentary Channel and, where I write the Doc Talk column. I prefer real stories to fake ones. I tweet here: @thefilmcynic

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