Doc News: Jose Padilha, Michael Moore, Pearl Jam and Queen

– Brazilian documentary filmmaker Jose Padilha (“Bus 174”; “Secrets of the Tribe”) is hopefully not getting too distracted from non-fiction. He’s currently in development on the “RoboCop” remake and is now back in the news with his previously announced South American ‘Triple Border’ project “Tri-Border.” The English-language political action thriller, originally titled “A Willing Patriot” and written by Jason Keller, is currently being re-scripted by Nick Shenk (“Gran Torino”). Add to this the option of the next “Wolverine” movie, as Padilha is reportedly on Fox’s shortlist for directors up for the gig abandoned by Darren Aronofsky. Next up for the director, though, is a segment of “Rio, Eu Te Amo,” the latest in the “Paris, Je T’Aime”/”New York, I Love You,” model of anthologies (aka the “Cities of Love” franchise). I’m still not sure if his short will be fiction or doc, but I expect it’s the former.

– Another filmmaker with a non-doc project: Michael Moore has a new book out September 13, which he announced on Twitter. Titled “Here Comes Trouble: Stories From My Life,” he describes it as an “anti-memoir” and includes twelve tales he claims could have been their own “Roger & Me” “if I’d had a camera back then.” [via /Film]

– Cameron Crowe’s new documentary celebrating two decades of Pearl Jam, titled “Pearl Jam Twenty,” will get a limited theatrical run this September, according to indieWIRE. Then it will show on PBS October 21 (as part of “American Masters”). The DVD will also hit in October, while soundtrack and book tie-ins release the month before. An exact release date and theater bookings were not revealed. Another iW article notes the music doc will screen at Venice and shares a first look image.

– Another band having an anniversary: Queen’s 40th marks the occasion of a documentary titled “Queen: Days of Our Lives,” which debuts on BBC this Sunday, May 29.

– Silverdocs has announced their major event screenings and competition slate. The festival runs June 20-26 outside D.C. Hopefully we’ll see you there.

indieWIRE’s latest projects to root for include 2 documentaries, one on a U.S. military relationship with Native Americans (“The Sioux Nation: A Documentary about the Real Major Lightner”) and the other a first-person story of a mentally ill parent.

The Wrap has a story on the pros and cons of becoming one of Oprah Winfrey’s Documentary Club selections with a profile of “Louder Than a Bomb,” which is currently playing in NYC.


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