Doc News: “Life in a Day” Special Release Date; SnagFilms on Roku; RIP Adolfas Mekas

– This July 24, one year following the date all footage was (or should have been) shot for Kevin Macdonald’s user-generated doc “Life in a Day,” the film will be released to select U.S. cinemas. Now, that is a sunday, but due to the anniversary occasion, this sort-of soft opening will happen for a one-night event, in which participating filmmakers (aka contributing camera-persons) will take part in a live, interactive Q&A, courtesy of Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp. Then, the documentary, which was produced by Ridley Scott, will officially open in theaters that Friday, July 29.

Having been skeptical going in, I have to admit I was very pleasantly surprised by this film, which I jokingly coined “YouTubisquatsi.” In my review from Sundance I also called it a “spellbinding montage” with a “gradient spectrum of moods and tones, tropes and answers” that will be experienced differently by each of its viewers. I highly recommend seeing it on the big screen.

– Commercial-supported VOD company SnagFilms (owner of indieWIRE, and, which I run) has announced 150 of its documentary titles are now available through Roku on its own channel. Now Roku owners like myself can flip away from our Netflix Instant and Amazon Video queues for titles like “Buena Vista Social Club,” “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” and “Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.” 


– The documentary “My Reincarnation” has broken the record at Kickstarter for highest-raising finished film with $154,456 taken in through donations via the crowd-funding site, according to indieWIRE. Directed by Jennifer Fox and focused on the relationship between a High Tibetan Buddhist teacher and his Western-born son, the film is now also Kickstarter’s fourth highest-raising project overall.


– Following the death of his collaborator, David Stone, last week, now filmmaker Adolfas Mekas has also passed away. Brother to famed experimental director Jonas Mekas, with whom he founded Film Culture magazine, Adolfas was also a great name in the avant garde scene and later taught at Bard College. His documentary work includes the portrait of Cuba, “Compañeras and Compañeros,” which he made with the Stones (David and Barbara), and “Going Home,” about his and Jonas’ return trip to Lithuania. He also edited his brother’s filmed play “The Brig” and appears in his works “Walden” and “Sleepless Nights Stories,” while also showing up in Peter Sempel’s “Jonas in the Desert.” 

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