Nothing But the Doc is a blog devoted solely to the documentary film. The “so help me” subtitle part is because I probably shouldn’t be taking on any new blog projects (I also head Spout.com and contribute to Movies.com, while I’m also in grad school full time). But it gives me a place to write about films I couldn’t and wouldn’t elsewhere. Hopefully it all works out.

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2 Responses to About

  1. Don Guy says:

    I teach Documentary film production at the State College of Florida, and in my early days in the late sixties worked in NYC with Leacock / Pennebaker, Jim Libscomb, Drew and on Alcoa hour documentary series with the fathers of Cinema Verite Al & David, and was delighted to see your Ricky Leacock posting, I remember when he took the position up at MIT to teach after a career as a filmmaker, he was a delight to be around on 56 th street between 5 th & 6th the hub for many of us, and missed.. Now many years later I am following his path into a second career after 25 + years directing broadcast advertising.
    Thank you for your wonderful efforts keep it up!

  2. filmcrits says:

    Hi..Thanks for posting.

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