Trailer: “Doctor Kong” (aka the Faux Sequel to “King of Kong”)

Technically “Doctor Kong” is no more a sequel to Seth Gordon’s “The King of Kong” than, say, “We Were Here” is a sequel to “The Times of Harvey Milk” or “Shine a Light” is a sequel to “Gimme Shelter.” But I’m still going to think of it as “The King of Kong Too,” at least until I see it. The new doc was directed by Alexis Neophytides, who recently was a P.A. on Liz Garbus’ “Shouting Fire,” and follows the story of Dr. Hank Chien, a New York gamer who (I think still) holds the record for highest Donkey Kong score, having topped both “King of Kong” characters, Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell.

It doesn’t look quite as good as Gordon’s film, lacking a semblance of the rivalry story appeal of “The King of Kong,” but I am curious. I guess I missed its debut at Brooklyn’s bowling alley bar, The Gutter, last month. Next stop is The Midwest Gaming Classic at the Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield Hotel this weekend.