Doc News: Elton John; “Big River Man”; DocPoint NYC

– HBO Documentary Films has picked up Cameron Crowe’s “The Union,” which documents the collaboration of Elton John and Leon Russell, which does make it sound like an advertisement at worst, a making of film for an album at best. Having made its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival last month, the cable outlet will give the rock doc its TV premiere in January 2012. Crowe, who was a music journalist before becoming a filmmaker,¬†finally dove into documentary this year with a double dose. His other new rock doc, “Pearl Jam Twenty,” arrives to fans-only delight this fall.

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News: “Gasland” Sequel; “Food, Inc.” Continued; “Being Elmo” Release Plans

Which of this year’s Oscar-nominated documentaries has a sequel on the way? That would be Josh Fox’s “Gasland,” which has done wonders to out the issue of hydraulic fracking since its Sundance 2010 premiere.¬†According to a recent article in Rolling Stone, Fox is currently shooting the follow-up for an early 2012 release, and this time he’s focusing on the politics involved with the issue, on all levels. It’s unclear if he’s doing the sequel first-person style, following in the footsteps of Michael Moore, who he’s been likened to, or if this could be like what the new doc sequel “Revenge of the Electric Car” is to its predecessor, “Who killed the Electric Car?” That could equally mean an improved style, but it could also be a more conventional one. And much of the favor for the first “Gasland” is in the amateur investigator angle. Either way, I’m looking forward to the continuing story. [via All These Wonderful Things]

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