Review: “Worst in Show”

If a bar was set for competition-based documentaries last decade with the edge of your seat drama and opposition in “Spellbound” and “The King of Kong” (which I named as the best of their kind for the 2000s), two recent films have proven that suspenseful editing and formulaic narrative is not necessary for engaging non-fiction stories. Last week I reviewed “Kings of Pastry,” which isn’t really about a contest but rather an examination, and it’s comparatively slight and insignificant but it works. Now I’ve just seen the festival-touring “Worst in Show,” a doc about the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest that ignores intensity for basic human-interest magic.

Obviously it’s also a dog-interest story. The hour-long film takes us to Petaluma, California, for the 2010 competition of hideous canines (you’ve no doubt heard of Sam, the undefeated pooch who put the contest on the map). But it’s not Animal Planet fluff. And the real freak show is with the owners. I’m not necessarily saying some of them are ugly — though what they say about pets and their owners looking alike is validated here — so much as they’re just amazingly odd (but not mocked or exploited as such). Christopher Guest could not make up characters better than what you find here.

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Watch Jane Russell in “Hollywood on Fire” and “Hollywood Uncensored”

I’m bringing something I used to do at Spout over to this blog, as it is more appropriate here. Rather than write up a full tribute for someone and reference the same old classic fiction films, I like to spotlight documentaries featuring the late celeb or film talent. Today we lost actress Jane Russell, whose last screen appearance may well have been a new short doc about ugly dogs titled “Worst in Show.” Directed by John Beck and Don R. Lewis (of Film Threat), the film is currently circulating the festivals and I really do need to review it here asap (sorry, Don!). Here’s a link to the trailer, which I’d embed if there was a shot of Russell in it.

What I can share is a short clip of the screen legend in “Hollywood on Fire,” a recent feature by “Kimjongilia” producer Kyle Saylors about faith in the film industry. Russell of course founded the “Hollywood Christian Group,” which she talks about in the clip below, including an anecdote about inviting Marilyn Monroe to the Bible study.

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She’s also prominently featured in the trailer, which you can see after the jump.

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