News: Terrence Malick, Sarah Palin, Ellen Page and “50 Documentaries to See Before You Die”

– Producer Bill Pohlad revealed to that Terrence Malick is still working on an previously announced IMAX documentary titled “Voyage of Time.” Footage for the film, which Pohlad hints will focus on something like the history of the universe, was shot during the making of Malick’s new drama, “The Tree of Life” (pictured above). No word on when the doc will be finished, and Pohlad notes that with more shooting occurring it could all change into something else entirely, hence one of many reasons for secrecy at this juncture. Also still just a rumor is the possibility that Brad Pitt will narrate. For now you should just go see “The Tree of Life” for an old-school-effects presentation of the origins of Earth. It’s kind of like a documentary.

– Is there a difference between reality TV and a docuseries? I figure something on HBO is more aligned with the documentary sensibilities, which is why I like The Hollywood Reporter calling a new Peter Berg-produced boxing series titled “On Freddie Roach” a “docuseries” now that HBO has picked it up. The network’s programming president is still quoted as calling it a “reality series,” while the trade literally describes it as “cinéma-vérité” and Berg also says something about HBO supporting this unconventional “vérité” format. Either way, the show, which focuses on the titular trainer, should be a nice compliment to the network’s in-the-works dramatic series based on the documentary “Knuckle.” Still, if that Sundance hit needs a series spin-off, why can’t it also be a docuseries?

Morgan Spurlock will host a five-part series for Current TV beginning August 1st titled “50 Documentaries to See Before You Die.” Sounding like one of those AFI countdown specials, the program won’t actually be showing the films, I guess, just listing them. It will also apparently feature interviews with such necessary filmmakers as Errol Morris, DA Pennebaker, Chris Hegedus and Penelope Spheeris. Also, this may annoy some doc fans, but “Catfish” apparently made the cut.

Ellen Page narrates a new documentary titled “The Vanishing of the Bees,” which premiered the other night in Los Angeles. The film, about Colony Collapse Disorder, will be on DVD and VOD June 7. For more info and a trailer, head over to Movieline.

– Conservative filmmaker Steven K. Bannon (“Generation Zero”) has a new documentary about Sarah Palin titled “The Undefeated.” What sounds like a long-form political ad given that it’s described as a step towards image rebranding and campaign boosting (“Let’s have a good old-fashioned brouhaha,” Bannon says) will debut sometime next month, premiering in Iowa. [via Big Hollywood]

– A controversial project seemingly too empathetic towards Capitol Hill massacre gunman Kyle Huff is being met with protests saying it exploits the tragedy. Info on the film, which is titled “Wallflower,” can be found on its Kickstarter page, which is currently showing about half the funding goal raised.

– If you’re a documentary fan in NYC then pick up a pass to the first ever summer season of Thom Powers’ Stranger Than Fiction series. Films showing over the next few months include “Bobby Fischer Against the World,” “Better This World” and the Donald Trump doc “You’ve Been Trumped.” I’m especially looking forward to finally seeing Steve James’ “Stevie,” which is apparently one of the most important films regarding doc ethics ever. Only $99 for 12 more films, which is a pretty great deal.


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